Brighten Your Summer With Tie Dye

Tie Dye was the flower power culture emblem of the 1960s & 1970s.  It has since made a colossal comeback today.  The craze for DIY tie dye has spiraled upwards, more so during the pandemic.  It was sought out so much that craft stores were sold out and backordered for months!  According to Tagwalk data, tie dye was present in 16 women’s clothing Fall 2021 collections, making up 0.7% of looks across the board.  This was a 139% increase from Fall 2020.  People were grasping at anything they could “give life back to” or simply brightening their day.  Others sought out to recreate pricey items they could not afford due to financial effects from COVID-19.  Most importantly, tie dye allows you to express your own freedom, movement, and art.


Tips on DIY Tie Dye

  • Set Up: Ensure you have a covered area (i.e plastic cover, paint tarp, newspaper). Your project will take at least 6 hours to cure.  The dye will spread and can transfer.
  • Raised Wire Rack: Recommended to elevate your project, so the dye will not spread as much.
  • Gloves/Tongs: Gloves protect your hands from dye transfers and tongs aid in flipping your project to continue dying.
  • Prewash Your Item: It will help prevent stiffness. Leave item damp for best results. You do Not want your items excessively wet; the dye will bleed, or the colors will come out diluted.
  • Rubber bands/Zip Ties: Various size will help create different patterns. Zip-ties will help create straight lines and easier to remove.
  • Items with a majority cotton blend will work best
  • Cover your project to help in drying for a minimum of 6 hours. You can even put it in a plastic bag, loosely tied
  • After a minimum of 6 hours, with bands intact, rinse your item in lukewarm water
  • Remove bands and unfold garment and continue rinsing until item runs clear
  • Run items through washing machine on cold- continue to separate from other items for 2-3 wash cycles to ensure item does not bleed
  • As always, have so much fun! Each item will be unique and a wonderful surprise!

If you don’t have the time and want to be a part of the trend, look for already made tie dye clothing.


Reasons to Buy Professionally Made Tie Dye Clothing

  • Professionally made tie dye clothing is safeguarded not to bleed and fade over time
  • Items are cured properly to last
  • No mess to clean up
  • No wait time aside from delivery
  • Color combinations are harder to achieve with DIY

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Happy Shopping, Happy Tie-Dying!


Tie Dye Can Be Both Self-Expression and a Statement~ XXO Squirrel & Co