Shopping for Fashion on a Budget

If you have ever wished to purchase that LV bag or wear that Designer shirt and cannot afford it, you know how depressing it can be.  Designer brands should not define who you are as a person. Sophistication, class, respect, and uniqueness are all characteristics you can have without the price tag.  You, as a whole, are luxurious!

Here are a few ways you too can shop for fashion on a budget:

  • Look for boutiques such as Squirrel & Co Boutique for designer inspired items.  Designer inspired items are custom items that will set you apart from other trends.  There are typically no two-alike items, and you still can feel like a fashionista!
  • Quality vs Cheap- Although quality items are generally more expensive, they will last longer.  Cheaper items have a tendency to need to be constantly replaced as opposed to that quality item.  A $10 shirt worn multiple times has a life expectancy of about 2-3 months, if worn 1-2 times a week.  Replacing that same shirt can cost you $40-60 a year.  A $50 quality shirt, worn the same number of times, usually does not need to be replaced for a few years.  That is savings right there!
  • Fast-Fashion Chains- Retail stores are designed to sell trendy clothes at lower prices. They sell clothes that are not designed to last long.  They want you to keep coming back! Boutiques curate special items with you in mind! They put you into perspective as if they were shopping for their own personal products. If I personally would not purchase that item, why would I sell it to you?
  • Sezzle & Quadpay- Look for online stores that offer these checkout options. They breakdown your purchase into 4-equal payments at 0% interest over 6 weeks.  It gives you the option to own now and pay at your convenience.  Think “layaway”, but you own it now!

Always remember, YOU too, can afford to dress like a million bucks! ~XXO Squirrel & Co